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The Problem with Getting New Car Insurance from Car Dealers


Having your car insured is one of the best ways to keep your peace of mind and be secure in your safety and property. It protects you from unnecessary and sudden expenses if ever you get into an accident or if your car gets stolen or damaged. New car insurance agreements cover vehicles straight from the dealership. These are the best indemnity contracts available for a new automobile.

There are several sources from where you can avail of an indemnity agreement. One such place is the internet. This gives a wider array of choices since you are able to surf for the best – and worst – automobile coverage providers while checking out whether their feedbacks are positive or otherwise. Moreover, websites that directly offer coverage through correspondence or live chat are available. This eliminates the hassle of having to go to an agent or to the provider itself. Going to an agent selling new car insurance is also an option. An agent is a representative of the policy provider. He will discuss with you the terms and conditions of an agreement and he may also appraise and evaluate your vehicle for a possible quotation. However, it is best to deal directly with the company because if ever an agent commits a mistake, the company usually avoids liability.

You can also get new car insurance directly from car dealers. Although this is the most convenient way to purchase a policy, this may be the most dangerous method for the following reasons. A car dealer is not an insurance agent. He is basically selling a policy as a part of a car’s purchase price. He usually does not really know that much about the business. There would be cases when you have questions, and he will tell you to just contact the insurer. This is very inconvenient on your part. Also, by getting insurance, you will have to pay premiums. There are agreements designating a dealer as an agent of a company. Thus, you will have to make payments directly to him and he will remit it to the insurer. This is a bad idea because in most cases, insurance is only effective once it is fully paid. If a dealer fails to remit payments and you get into an accident, there may be a lot more things you must do before you can get paid.

Explore various sources from where new car insurance policies are available. It is still best that you deal directly with the company and not with a car dealer. This way, not only are you insured, but you are also assured that everything will be in order.