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It Pays to Get Your Teen Auto Insurance Early


Teenagers look forward to the time that they would be able to get their driver’s license and eventually, get their first car. The feeling of freedom is almost overwhelming that they cannot wait to get out on the road. The first time your teenager gets a car is the best time to get teen auto insurance.

Some parents would like to wait a few more years before getting insurance because they do not expect their teenager to spend a lot of time on the road. Chances are a teen will only be driving from home to school and back. This should not be. The best time to get insured is at the earliest opportunity when he learns to drive.

Insurers see most teenagers as high risk drivers. This is proven by studies showing that teens have the greatest probability of becoming reckless drivers. They have a tendency to go fast even on a slow lane. They have a tendency to outrun other drivers even when there is no need to do so. Moreover, they have a tendency to neglect cars especially if they are not trained to be responsible owners. One reason why it is best to avail of teen auto insurance at the earliest possible time is for them to understand the nature of insurance. This is not some magic contract that will whisk them out of trouble and pay for all damages. This means that they have to become responsible drivers and car owners.

If a teenager is insured, he learns to abide by road rules. He learns to control himself especially if an irresponsible driver cuts him off. He also learns to keep a cool head when he is stuck in traffic. This is where parents come in. They must explain that being insured means being more responsible. With rising cases of road mishaps involving teenagers, drunk driving, street racing and reckless driving, insurers keep a close eye on teen drivers. This may cause them to revoke a teen auto insurance already granted because the insured has violated one or some of its provisions.

If the teen is trained early, there is a good chance that he will stay a good driver. Being insured will not only benefit his security, but it will also work wonders on his sense of responsibility and accountability. Also, since he already has his own car, he will have to pay the periodic premiums. He will learn to be financially thrifty. When he has maintained a good driving record, he may avail of teen auto insurance on his own in the future. You will also see that the benefits will come not only for your teen, but for you as well.