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The Right Coverage of Motor Vehicle Insurance for You


Motor vehicle insurance will protect you and your assets when you figure into an accident or vehicle mishap which nobody wants to happen. This is some serious business that you need to consider and finding the perfect insurance company as a partner may sometimes prove to be complicated. In the United States, there are independent insurance laws in every state, so depending on where you live and where you intend to use the car, policy and rates may differ. You may receive a quote with the most basic and minimum state requirements. You may opt for that choice, but know that there is so much more you need to consider.

When considering an offer for motor vehicle insurance, go over these questions and decide based on your answers:

•    What is the required minimum coverage in your state?

•    What are the benefits and coverage of a minimum policy?

•    Will you be able to afford additional coverage that is not required yet you might need?

•    What is it about that you intend to protect with the coverage?

Each state requires minimum liability coverage. What you need to know is the required coverage. For instance, in California it is 15/30/5 while in Michigan, you need to buy 20/40/10 coverage. The first digits correspond to minimum limit to the thousands for bodily injury while second digits are for maximum limit per accident. This means that in California, the minimum amount n insurer will pay is $15,000 while a policy holder can claim up to $30,000 to pay for the third party injury or death. The last digits mean the maximum limit to property damage. In this case, Michigan insurance companies will need to shell out $10,000 to pay for third party auto or other property damage.

Your agent might suggest other types of coverage to complete your motor vehicle insurance. There are comprehensive, collision, and personal injury that most people choose to buy for added protection. Comprehensive coverage will cover you for damages caused by theft, natural calamities, or fire. Collision will pay for damages incurred regardless of whom or what caused it. Lastly, personal injury will pay for you and your passenger’s medical bills as well as reimburse income losses. There are other available additions, but these mentioned are the usual ones being purchased. Remember that a motor vehicle insurance product is an investment for your future. If you can afford it, protect yourself more and buy as much as you can. You can avoid future lawsuits with an insurance coverage.