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Getting Lower Car Insurance Rates


For anyone with car insurance, there are several ways for you to use to get lower car insurance rates.

Though insurance costs are indeed costly, there are some methods you, as a driver, could use to enjoy lower car insurance rates. Remember, insurance companies base their coverage rates on several factors (e.g. type of car you own, state of neighbourhood you live in, traffic record) and these could be used to your advantage. Here are some tips and trivia that may prove useful to you, and may even employ them to your advantage.

Women and elderly have it lucky

According to some studies, lady drivers and elderly people drive more safely than most. Because of their safe driving, they are least likely to get into car accidents hence they enjoy lower rates.

Apply with a partner

Drivers who are married or are living together would enjoy the benefit of a joint coverage. It is less expensive and costs less than applying for two separate coverages.

Being a good driver is worth it

Insurance companies usually check their client’s driving records to see if they had any history of car accidents or traffic incidents. If they find that there is no record of such in the driver’s history, then the driver would get lower coverage rates.

Use cheaper cars

Drivers using bigger and more expensive cars could expect higher insurance rates than those who use lower profile and cheaper vehicles. Stick to the latter kind of cars if you want to have lower rates to pay for your coverage.

Go for less mileage

The more drivers use their cars, the more likely they could get into car accidents. So travelling less mileage and using the car less would result in you having lower coverage rates to pay.

Sometimes, drivers such as yourself would realize that the coverage that they have is not really what they really needed and they’re wasting money on it. To avoid this, make sure you have a good understanding of the insurance policies and quotes before purchasing them. Also, clear up with your insurance agent if there is anything ambiguous about the contract so everything would be clear.

Do some research during your spare time, Google the net and review on what your insurance company could offer you. And if you have the time to do it, compare their services and coverage rates with other companies. You might even find that there are better and more affordable deals in other insurance companies.

Know what you need before making a purchase so you would not waste money on coverage that won’t be useful to you.