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Getting Instant Car Insurance: What You Should Know


American products and services have been marketed to suit this “right now” preference: quick, at this very instant, in a matter of minutes, same day.  So if credit cards have introduced instant approvals, why not go for instant car insurance?

Some insurance companies have introduced instant car insurance.  This is basically an extension of free and quick car insurance quotes services they already offer.  Basically, after filling out the form and getting your free quote, there is a button that allows you to buy the insurance coverage at the quoted price.  Here are five things you should remember about instant car insurance.

  1. Make sure that the Web site you are visiting are able to offer you the car insurance quote immediately.  This means that they will be processing your policy upon your request, online.
  2. You will need to provide information about you and your vehicle.  If your vehicle is being driven by more than one driver, you will need to provide the information too.  This will be used to accurately gauge your risk, and facilitate further verification as to your driving history, your vehicle's service history, etc.
  3. Remember that prices vary from one city to another city, so it is important to give your location. 
  4. The default coverage you would have for instant car insurance will be your state's minimum legal requirements for driving a vehicle.  If you think you need more than the minimum coverage, or you would like to have some add-ons, you can specify these and get an updated more accurate figure.
  5. You can pay by credit card after pressing the “buy now” button.  Some companies would have an insurance agent call you to get your payment details within the same day.  You will be officially insured once your policy is activated.

While these reminders are geared for people who will be availing of instant car insurance online, the same basically holds true for those who would be calling their insurance companies.  Insurance companies also offer you the option to buy the policy offer the phone.  It is also highly important to provide accurate and honest answers to the online forms provided to you by the insurance company.  It is easy to verify the facts you have indicated and if you are found to be lying or have provided wrong information, your insurance policy might be revoked, or the insurance company might charge you a higher rate.