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How Group Auto Insurance Helps in Employee Recruitment


Many potential employees ask during the job interview if company benefits include auto insurance. This type of insurance can be an effective recruitment tool, considering that many workers drive their own vehicles.

Businesses and organizations will have a bigger chance to bag the more productive employees by dangling this offer among others. Group auto insurance will allow employees to save a lot of money just in case they get into one of those vehicular scrapes.

A business or organization will not have to worry much about administrative procedures and servicing, having to share some of the responsibilities with the insurance provider. Basically, a business or organization had already done its part in background checks before it signed up an employee or member. After that, all it has to do is give an employee or member a form to be filled.

It is reassuring to know that a big network has you back in case you meet an accident while driving. Group insurance rates are normally lower, but that does not diminish coverage. Because of its sheer size, group auto insurance has a very extensive coverage. Family members, even teenagers, and high-risk drivers may be included in the coverage.

An employee becomes part of a participating group as he or she is provided admission to an insurance program, one aspect of the benefits from the employer. An insurance company, on the other hand, gives out discount rates and other perks to those covered by the insurance policy.

One of these perks is the option on premium payment. A member of the auto group insurance can do this through payroll deduction. This in itself is an incentive to get group auto insurance as it allows one the convenience of not having to write a check or shell out cash as payment every once in a while.

Payments for premiums are equally divided right through the policy period, although in some cases, a down payment may be necessary. Electronic banking payments are another handy method of paying for premiums. Automatic deductions will be made from a group member’s personal bank account. Home billing might also be availed. It really all depends on the insured person to pick a payment method that is suitable to his or her lifestyle.

Should you leave a company or organization, some insurance companies will allow you to continue your coverage without interruption. Payment of insurance premiums in this case can be continued through home billing, credit card, bank account deduction, or pension deduction.

If a member goes on short-term disability, insurance coverage may continue all the way through the leave.