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Using Group Auto Insurance to Save On Premiums


With the global economic meltdown, it becomes a necessity to save as much money as we can, especially when we are dealing with fixed costs. The same goes for auto insurance, which is typically expensive. However, if you would look at it from a broader perspective, then you will surely find easy ways and means to save money while taking out quality auto insurance packages – and this is in the form of group auto insurance.

In the world of economics, it has long been understood that multiple transactions made with the same company or supplier will more than likely give you lower prices to deal with. The same principle is applied to group auto insurance; in that, when you purchase multiple policies from one particular insurance company, then the monthly premiums of all the members of that particular group would also decrease significantly. This is extremely beneficial in today’s economy where high credit debts and low credit limits definitely push us to find ways and means to cope with fixed expenditures.

The great thing about these packages is that the special promos and rates are given to drivers who drive different models and makes of different brands. The only requirement here is that the cars should be registered under just one name and should also bear the same address. This easily allows you to provide coverage to all the other drivers who live in your house.

Apart from the personal benefits that come with group auto insurance, businesses have also come to realize the huge advantages that these packages provide them. All service vehicles that they operate to man their daily operations would now be covered by just one existing policy, thereby cutting back insurance expenses significantly. Of course, the premium rates would be dependent on the assessment of the vehicles themselves, which would be conducted by the insurance company. Other factors include the portfolios of the drivers manning these vehicles, as well as the nature of the business’s operations.

Businesses should not limit the use of this type of insurance to their own commercial vehicles for their employees themselves can also avail of these packages. In fact, many establishments all over America are now offering comprehensive group auto insurance to their employees – most of them offer these as incentives to be more productive and stay longer with the company. The great thing about this is that the premiums would be paid for in staggered payments in the form of salary deductions, which would not be that burdensome to the employees themselves.