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Used Car Insurance Options


There is one thing you have to think about when buying a used car - what car insurance to buy. Without a doubt, used car insurance is greatly different from new car insurance. You have to consider a lot of things including the components of the insurance most applicable for your requirements. Certainly, there will indispensable features and those that you can do without.

There is no question about the necessity of coverage. However, you will probably have to be more selective when choosing coverage for a used car. One thing is for sure, the policy must have liability coverage. Liability coverage is mandatory in most states so there is no way to avoid it. At any rate, it is not wise to even consider avoiding it because it provides you the means to settle obligations to other people resulting from accidents you might get involved with.

How about a comprehensive used car insurance? It all depends on what you need. While a comprehensive coverage will pay for all kinds of injuries or damages, including damages wrought by Mother Nature, it will be impractical and even foolish if you are driving a car on its last stages of usefulness. In instances like this, the premium payment will probably be more than the price of the car itself.

Collision coverage might be good for a newer car, but certainly not in a clunker.  Sure, it can help you repair or replace the car in case it gets totaled in an accident, but, think about it more. With the savings you get from paying only basic liability coverage, in a few years time, it would be possible to buy a better car or a new one.

The choice of which used car insurance to purchase is actually a personal preference. You may like your insurance to be able to handle all sorts of expenses resulting from accidents, whether you have caused them or not.  Alternatively, you may prefer to set aside money by getting only basic liability coverage and buying a new car out of the savings.  For any regular guy, though, the latter seems to be the better option.

There are agents for new cars as well as used cars. When you are not sure what components your used car insurance should have, do not hesitate to call on an agent and have them help you decide.  He will know what type of insurance will benefit you most.