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The Win-Win Benefits of Group Auto Insurance


Group auto insurance is widely accepted now that the advantages are made clearer. This is actually a three-way win situation that sounds irresistible. The insurance company, the business or organization, and the employee or member will all benefit from this program.

This is how group auto insurance works: the policy is offered to companies or organizations, and even big families. In exchange, a business owner or organization officers become the middle man and offers this program as a benefit or a way of thanking employees or members for a job well done. Anyone who decides to join will save precious money compared to buying a personal car insurance policy or coverage. This is because premiums are divided pro-rata among those who availed or all members.

The advantages of group auto insurance will depend on whose looking at it. Here are some obvious advantages:

  • Nobody is ever forced to participate in this plan. A company or organization cannot insist and oblige employees or members to sign-up. This is purely optional. If an employee or member decides to adhere and later opts out, that would be fine. It is their right to pull-out if they feel that this program does not fit in their needs and the pull-out will not affect the rest of the members who signed up.
  • There are big savings on overhead and representation expenses on the part of an insurance company. An insurer need not assess each applicant and do background checks because a company or organization already has files for pieces of information. Because of saved costs, an insurance company is able to provide discounts and lower rates.
  • Payment terms are pretty much flexible depending on the insured person’s capacity to pay. There are payment schemes being offered that allows automatic deduction from salaries or added to the member dues. If you are lucky, an insurance company may even offer zero interest and no miscellaneous charges whatsoever.
  • Employees and members become happy and satisfied that they would continue working and volunteering for this business and organization. They will feel important and needed.
  • By allowing group auto insurance in the business or organization, an employer or club officer is already saving on costs, too. He will just have to say yes and everything else will be taken care of by the insurance company.
  • If there are disadvantages to this system, they are not being highlighted anymore. This is a program that gives importance to business relationships and it works most of the time.