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When to Get Non Owners Auto Insurance


If you are usually driving a car that is not your own, it is best that you buy a policy for non owners auto insurance. Here are some scenarios:

•    Your employer lets you use a company vehicle when you go out for official business;

•    You loaned a car from another family member or a friend for a short period of time; or

•    You rented a vehicle for a short trip.

With non owners auto insurance, a policy holder will be covered for his medical bills incurred after getting into an accident while driving a vehicle other than his own. This will prove to be advantageous especially if a driver does not have a personal insurance policy or is not even included in someone else’s coverage.

Someone who is caught not having non owners auto insurance after meeting an accident in a car that he does not own, may find himself in the middle of an ugly legal battle. Most vehicles that are meant for use by another person have very limited liability coverage. Most companies only invest minimally on insurance of their corporate cars and usually would just cover third party liability and not personal injury of drivers. This is normally because regular and basic liability coverage does not cover the liability of drivers not listed. To guarantee that you will get reimbursed for expenses, buy a non owners auto insurance.

Unless specified and paid for, personal injury is not included in the insurance product. There must be a specific clause to the policy and premiums can be even higher. Collision coverage may also be added. Otherwise, an insurer will only take care of the damages on the other party’s car in an accident. It is necessary that the specific car is listed and all other cars are added to this list if needed. This type of insurance, however, cannot be completed with a full and comprehensive coverage only because a policy holder does not own the car.

This is pretty much a restricted policy and rules are hard to bend. This alone can make decision making even harder. It is possible to skip buying this product even if circumstances call for it. However, you can never bring back time in case you are caught without it. This can be an expensive insurance product, but you can never put a price tag on the assurance that whatever happens, you are covered.

Shop around, call your agent and ask for quotes. This is an uncommon product that not everyone is aware of. You might need help in deciding and finding the best offer. Be patient until you get the best option.