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Four Types of Insurance Coverage Deals


Car insurance policies are virtually different for every company and every insurance provider. Amidst the large number of options that an insurance shopper can have, the initial thing that he/she must learn and remember is to discriminate among these options and find an insurance policy that fit to his/her lifestyle, financial circumstances and obligations. Lack of careful assessment leads many insurance holders to have insurance policies which lack the necessary coverage or, conversely, to have insurance policies which are way beyond what their lifestyle really demand, resulting to bloated but unnecessary expenses. These kinds of glitches can be avoided by a broad knowledge on the different types of car insurance policies, their coverage and individual implications.

Although there have already been a lot of types of car insurance policies, these are mere cross-breeds of the four basic types of car insurance policies, which are the comprehensive insurance, third party (e.g. theft and fire), special insurance policy and third party insurance policy. These four types, of course, do not manifest themselves in the market as is, for insurance companies have ways to create more specific and more comprehensive policies from these four general types.

Comprehensive insurance policies are basically the kind of policy that gives a wide span of coverage. Those who have this kind of insurance is more ensured in qualitative terms, precisely because a comprehensive insurance policy will cover certain insurance claims. However, it is often used in rather unjustifiably way, leading many to regard this kind of insurance type the best. However, a comprehensive insurance policy does not really cover all of your life’s activities and financial limitations make these seemingly ‘comprehensive’ deals rather insufficient. Nonetheless, this kind of insurance policy is still the most popular for its marketability and no-none-sense style of coverage.

A third part insurance policy is generally grounded upon the assumption that accidents are still the most necessary insurance investments. A fault situation may in itself be a justifiable reason to get certain insurance. Special types of insurance often are given to special automobiles (such as auctioned cars) for they require a certain level of special treatment, aside from the fact that they are historical and has personal values. Third party car insurance, on the other hand is more precisely referring to particular events that may need a certain level of coverage.

Given that these general frameworks are in themselves complementary, it can be seen that car insurance policies are not in any way dictated by the companies, but rather are manifestations of the morphing ability of language.

In the end, it would be good to disclaim these kinds of insurance offers can be switched, replaced and enjoyed by the subscribers. A careful analysis of one’s own financial situation can glean more substantial ideas on what insurance offer one must have.

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