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How Full Is A Full Coverage Auto Insurance


What does it really mean to have full coverage auto insurance? Believe it or not it depends on what you need and what you think will be beneficial for you when you are out on the road. Your auto insurance policy can contain several different items that can cover you, your vehicle, and all other properties that will be involved if ever there is an accident. If you are a first timer, you need to familiarize yourself with the terms used when getting car insurance. 

Most auto insurance companies when they offer “full coverage” means that your policy will have collision and comprehensive coverage. Collision coverage basically covers the cost when you vehicle is damaged due to collision with another automobile or an inanimate object. Comprehensive coverage on the other hand covers the expenditure when your car is damaged or totaled because of the weather. For example, when a storm hits your town and your car turns over because of strong winds, then whatever damage there is to your car, your car insurance company will cover the repair cost. 

There are other items though that you can consider including in your policy that would count as “full coverage”. One is having Uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage. There are people who can not afford to have auto insurances so they let themselves be auto insurance-less when they drive so if ever you are in a car accident with these people and they do not have the funds to cover your medical bills, this will cover it as well as any lawsuits you might want to charge if you were not the one who is at fault. Second, the most common item put in an auto insurance policy is the Liability coverage where this will take care of all the properties involved in a car crash and you are the one at fault. It can cover the damage to your car when you hit a light post, someone else’s car, and even a newsstand while driving in one your crazy nights. Lastly, the Personal Injury or the Medical Coverage will cover the cost of medical bills but it depends on who is at fault. 

You can include all of these to have an extensive full coverage on your auto insurance but you have to take in mind that these are for a cost. With these additional protection you will have to pay for it so you should know your capabilities as a driver and choose only the one the can benefit you most.