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Tips on How to Cut Back on Car Insurance Expenses


If you are a typical teenager, then you are probably rooting at the prospect of driving that car to school and showing it off to everyone. Of course, you want to prove to your parents that you are an independent, mature person, and so driving the car (and keeping it safe and in good condition) is a must. On the other hand, if you are an adult, owning a car is more for convenience than anything else. 

However, whether young or old, all drivers (should) know the reality of having to pay premium charges for car insurance. So how can you cut back on your expenses and get low cost car insurance? These are things you would need to consider: 

Clean Driving Record. As you may know, owning and driving a car entails a lot of responsibilities. In an extreme sense, when you drive, you are in control of your and your passengers’ (if any) lives. And so driving safely is a must. Aside from that fact, however, driving safely means lesser expenses with your car insurance. If you haven’t so much as had a speeding ticket ever, then you are likely to pay lesser than your speed-limit- breaking fellows. 

Gender and Age. Are you female? Congratulations, you are automatically given lower premiums than your counterparts! Are you female AND aged 30-50? Then you get additional discounts. According to statistics, males drive more miles than females in an entire year which highly increases the possibility of them getting involved in accidents. Add to that the fact that males are evaluated as more rash (and fast) drivers than females. Hence the higher charges. 

Teenagers are charged higher premiums because of their immaturity and high possibility of having road violations and recklessness. Some car insurance companies give discounts to students with records of very good grades (all those hours of studying are starting to pay off!). 

Refresher Driving Courses. Most companies hold courses on safe driving, as well as refresher courses regarding road signs and the like. It is always a good idea to take such a course. It may take some of your time, but only for a period. Most companies already go with the flow of technology and offer courses online. All you have to do is look for a credible company. The end result is that you are seen as more “credible” and “trustworthy” drivers by your car insurance company and will be given cheaper premiums. 

Although the car insurance business is a tricky – not to mention expensive – one, it still is possible to cut back on your expenses and get cheap car insurance without sacrificing the much-need and wanted coverage.