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Paying Excessive Car Insurance Premiums? Learn How to cut them down!


If you are the average citizen who depends on his or her car as main transportation to work and / or to school, then you are aware of the reality that paying for car indemnity is no financial joke. With the recession and current economic crisis, it is reasonable that finding cheap car indemnity with the widest possible coverage is on top of your to-do list.

Indeed, realizing that wide coverage is important and most advisable, most people wonder if it is possible to get low cost car indemnity with wide coverage. Truth be told, it is very much possible to significantly cut back on your indemnity expenses if you know every nook and detail of car insurance policies.

Probably the most practical way to decrease car insurance companies’ premium charges on you is to keep a clean driving record. The less road offenses to your name, the cheaper the charges would be. If, in the past, you have been involved in an accident, or if you’ve been charged for drunken driving offenses, the consequences are higher premium charges.

If you drive a new car model, accounting for all your anti-theft and safety devices would slash off at least 10% from your expenses. It is important that you personally see to it that all your devices are accounted for. It is wise that you refer to the handbook or guide that comes with your car. Most people only have two and at most three devices accounted for, when they actually have at least nine devices in their car! Assuming you have all nine devices accounted for, you could slash as much as 15% from your expenses.

Speaking of safety, if you can assure your car insurance agent that your car is safely parked, as in a garage, you will more likely pay less than when your vehicle is just parked by the road side.

Know that being a female entitles you to cheaper premiums than males. If you are a senior, you could avail of additional discounts especially for people aged 50-55 and above.

If you have been driving for a long time (say, twenty-five years) and have a very clean driving record, you could avail of “Good Driver” discounts.

You could also inform your agent of an approximate of when and where you will be driving. Having low mileage means a lower possibility of being involved in accidents, and will therefore decrease your expenses.

If you are a new driver fresh from Driver’s Education, know that good grades on your transcript will more likely decrease your expenses.

And last, be sure to compare car indemnity rates from different companies. With the internet, this job is really not that difficult. Besides, it would give you more ideas and offer you a wider variety of car indemnity policies to choose from. With all the many policies out there, you are bound to find a car indemnity policy with rates that satisfy your needs.