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The Good Side of No-Fault Auto Insurance


No-Fault Auto Insurance can be quite confusing for consumers. The phrase “no-fault” should not be understood literally because in accidents there will always be “at-fault” regardless of the circumstances. This is an opportunity for drivers to file and get their claims without the burden of waiting for the car insurance company to determine who at-fault with the accident is. In some states, they require drivers to have this but the requirement varies.

The other name for this type of insurance is personal injury protection (PIP). It usually covers medical bills and lost income due to the accident. In essence, the coverage is said to be limited but it can also cover home upkeep expenses, ambulatory fees, and funeral expenses. Insurance companies will only pay benefits that are predetermined by the policy and the amount of premium paid.

Even though the coverage is limited, there is a good side to this. For instance, if an accident happens, the cost of medical expenses of the driver and passengers will be covered. It also covers a situation wherein a driver was hit by a vehicle while outside his car. PIP is double purpose coverage because it does not only protect drivers and passengers but also medical professionals who treat people who cannot pay for their services.

In states that do not require PIP coverage, getting this can be helpful to any driver. Accidents may happen anytime and anywhere. Waiting for the car insurance company to investigate who is at-fault with the accident can be costly because they will only give claims after establishing who the culprit is. This is highly recommended for drivers who carry passengers most of the time like their family members.

If you want a protection from huge financial loss due to medical costs, do not hesitate to get this coverage. If you are found at-fault, you can still pay for your medical expenses especially where hospitals or doctors expect a fast payment.

In many instances, the benefit that a policy holder will get depends on the amount of premium and deductible paid. It is not healthy to opt for a low insurance premium and a high deductible because it can cripple you financially especially if you are at-fault with the accident.

If you are not at-fault, you can sue the other driver if the coverage is not enough to pay your medical bills or your injury is very serious, or it has resulted to death.

Research online to get the coverage you want. Look for affordable policies by getting auto quotes from top-rated companies.