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Car Insurance for Car Non-Owners


Even car non-owners need car insurance. Having second thoughts? Consider these scenarios.

  • Person A lives in a city where owning a car is not needed because there is good mass transit system to bring him wherever he needed to go. Driving a car can be necessary at some times. Instead of owning a car, it would be more economical to rent a car than to own one.
  • Person B borrows a car from a family or a friend.                                             

In both cases, getting an insurance policy is a must. If you are a person that rents or borrows a car most of the time, you might consider getting a non-owner auto insurance. It may be cheaper than getting one-day policy or car rental coverage especially if you drive the car for more than ten days. 

This is also called as non-owner liability insurance that includes two kinds of coverage: the bodily injury liability coverage and property damage liability coverage. In case an accident happens while you are driving, this will pay for claims made against you. It will also cover legal fees, the cost of damage you have caused to another person’s car or property, and if you injured or killed someone. 

Here is the catch in getting this policy. For instance, you got involved in an accident. The owner’s insurance will cover the damage you have caused. But what if the cost of damage exceeded the limit of his policy? In this case, your policy will cover the amount that his policy was not able to cover up to its limit. If you do not have a policy, you may end up owing a lot of money if the other party will sue you if you are found at-fault of the accident. 

Car rental coverage is another option but it has a very limited coverage or it may not even carry liability coverage. 

Auto insurance companies devised policies that will fit the needs of every driver. It is only up to you to find the best policy out there. One way of finding what you want is to get online auto quotes. It will help you compare policies and rates from several companies easily with the aid of the internet and your computer.

Driving a car uninsured both for car owners and non-owners is never a good idea because it means driving the streets illegally. Exposing yourself to dangers can cause you more damage than you perceive. Protect yourself from future financial woes by getting non-owner auto insurance.