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A Fact: Car Insurance is maximized during Holidays


The holiday seasons are the busiest time of the year. Shoppers, who rush for last-minute shopping, crowd the malls, the parking lots and the slippery roads. As cars speed on these slippery and dangerous roads, accidents are very hard to avoid even on the jolly holidays.

According to statistics, the number of road incidents that happens around the days approaching the holidays is significantly higher compared to the road incidents during regular days. This is not really surprising considering how busy the roads get when people go out to shop or visit their families. Just as well, the holiday season is the time when the snowstorms can be unforgiving.

Holiday car accidents can also be caused by the blinding Christmas lights and other holiday decorations that can block roads and distract drivers. To avoid spending more than the amount you will spend for holiday treats, it is absolutely necessary for you to get car insurance. “Drive safely” is almost a metaphor for “good luck on avoiding accidents” during holiday seasons that you can almost be sure that you will be maximizing your policy during this time of the year.

If you drive full-time, your automobile insurance policy will certainly help you handle the expenses should you get into road incidents. However, if you are a non-regular driver but you get busy on the road during the holidays, getting the expenses covered when you get into road mishaps can a problem if the car rental does not issue a policy along with the vehicle you rented.

You may get yourself a short term/temporary policy if you are a non-regular driver. This type of policy will cover you for a certain period of days or weeks. This is really the best insurance that non-regular drivers can get because they will only be paying for premiums on daily or weekly basis. It would be impractical for non-regular drivers to get full coverage because premiums for full coverage policy can be really expensive.

Another option that non-regular drivers can get is to have an insured household member list them down in their name. This is considerably cheaper than having a policy of your own because there will only be a small amount added to the original policy as compared to paying for two separate policies on regular premiums.

There are a number of companies who offer a policy on a relatively cheaper amount but be sure that, if you opt for this, you are getting the best car insurance available from the company.

Do not sacrifice quality for the amount because you can suffer just the same if the company refuses to pay for medical coverage because the cheap policy does not include such coverage. You can always depend on your medical insurance but what if there are other people involved in the accident? What if these people are not listed down as your dependent? Just to be sure, settle for an affordable policy that offers you a fair number of coverage rather than settling for a cheap one with a cheap quality.