Sterling Auto Insurance in Connecticut

Going in for a no fault coverage on your Sterling car insurance might seem to be a tempting offer. However, it is important to ask your Sterling auto insurance companies in Connecticut about the working of this coverage. The benefit of opt for this is that the insurance companies will have to pay for the damages caused in case of accidents irrespective of if it is your fault or not. But not all companies follow it. Hence, get an understanding of this when you purchase your Sterling auto insurance.

No fault Sterling auto insurance in Connecticut

Auto insurance claims can get extremely tedious and painstakingly long given the quality of legal counsel available these days. And the lawyers really don't have much of a conscience and will fight a case for just the joy of winning a losing battle. In such scenarios, it becomes really difficult for the guy on the right side of the law to get his compensation.

Hence no fault auto insurance was formulated. And it is in force even in Sterling, Connecticut.

Most insurance claims result in litigation. Both the parties will end up in court fighting a legal battle for even years. And in the meantime they have to spend for all the damages on their own. This can virtually wipe out fortunes given that a serious accident can cause extensive damage to both the human body and the vehicle. A car is something that is purchased after much deliberation and thought. At least that is the case for most American families. A car signifies at least a years worth of hard work. And to wipe this investment out in one single moment is a tragedy.

The medical bills can also be obscene to say the least. Families can end up filing for bankruptcy in such cases. Medical bills can account for even almost two years of pay in serious cases.

In such situations it is very important that your insurance kicks in even if you were not the party at fault. No fault auto insurance was conceptualized by the government for this very reason. You need not worry about your mounting bills while fighting your case in court in sterling, Connecticut.

This is the main benefit of having no fault auto insurance. You can put all your resources into winning the case while your own insurance company takes care of all your accident bills. And if and when you do win your case, you can claim all the damages from the other party's insurance company and refund the amount to your insurance company. Else you can just put it back in your bank account and pay for the increased premium.

The flipside is obviously that you are going to end up paying a higher premium given the fact that your insurance company bailed you out. Hence even though you were not the party at fault, you end up being penalized by your insurance company.

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