Hartford Auto Insurance in Connecticut

There are people who device new techniques each day to swindle you on your Hartford car insurance. It helps to be aware of the various techniques they employ so that you can safeguard you Hartford auto insurance coverage in Connecticut from these swindlers. Falling prey to their tactics will only impact your Hartford auto insurance coverage negatively by making you file for claims more often.

How not to get cheated for Hartford auto insurance in Connecticut

Auto insurance related scams are becoming common place all over America and more so in Hartford, Connecticut. There are a lot of people out to make a quick buck out of gullible individuals. The main reason for a spurt in this sort of crime is that it is white collar crime and the criminal feels that it is not so bad after all. But in reality it is just as bad as robbing someone at gun point.

The most common technique employed by these swindlers is called tailgating. Here, the offender usually pulls up in front of your car at a high speed and then abruptly applies his brakes. This gives you little or no time to react and hence results in a rear end collision. And for all practical purposes, the accident looks as if it was caused by you because you are the person who is able to see ahead and not the driver up front.

Another technique employed is more of a spur of the moment decision. A few people who are not happy with their cars or people who just want to make a few extra bucks usually employ this technique. Here, the person gets involved in an accident either intentionally or unintentionally. And then after the accident, he or she just takes your contact details and makes a quick escape without getting the police or the insurance company involved. Later the person causes extensive damage to his car and calls you up demanding for payment for all the damage. Your insurance company ends up paying a whole lot of money to the criminal. As a result, your auto insurance premium will shoot up through the sky.

One more type of game plan used for cheating you for auto insurance is waving you into traffic and then ramming into your car. If you are waiting to get into a line of cars, and someone waves you in and acts as if he or she is stopping, you have to be suspicious. Once you enter the lane, the offender might just plough into you and claim that you were reckless in entering the lane. And there is no proof to show that he or she waved you into the lane in the first place.

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