Columbia Auto Insurance in Connecticut

Columbia car insurance coverage scams are not a rarity because there are many swindlers who are devising new techniques by the day that can impact your Columbia auto insurance coverage in Connecticut. It is important to have knowledge of these scams so that you can protect your Columbia auto insurance coverage better.

How do I avoid Columbia auto insurance scams in Connecticut?

Auto insurance scams have become common place these days. What with rising costs and people losing jobs all over the country, there is a rise in such white collar crime. The main reason for this is that it is easy and people are getting away with it. And it's picking up even in Columbia, Connecticut.

The most common type of scam is the tail gating technique. The offender pulls up in front of your vehicle when both the vehicles are travelling at a high speed. Then all of a sudden he abruptly slams on the brakes, giving you no time to react. And you end up ramming into the rear end of the other car. And it looks like you caused the accident because you were behind the other car. This is the main reason why drivers are always advised to maintain a safe driving distance of at least a car and a half between two cars.

This way you will have ample time to react to the driving patterns of the driver in front of you.

Another auto insurance scam is to take a damaged car and cause extensive damage to it at another place. And later the offender will claim for all the damages from your insurance company. This way the offender can make enough money to sell the car and buy a new one. And he also does not need to pay more premiums to his own insurance company.

Some auto insurance scams employ a large number of people to fool you. This could include doctors, lawyers and even body shop people. All of them will be in on the scam and together they will take you to the cleaners. This is one of the reasons to be suspicious of any help being offered post your accident. If the other party of anyone else at the scene of the accident offers the contact details of a lawyer or doctor, always be suspicious. And if you are not sure about the veracity of the accident, you can lodge a complaint with your insurance company.

The insurance company employs a large number of experts from various fields who conduct routine investigations of all accidents. If you have a reason to believe that something is fishy about anything related to the accident, all you have to do is call the 1800 number of your insurance company in Columbia, Connecticut.

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