Portland Auto Insurance in Connecticut

Various Portland car insurance companies employ various methods of calculating Portland auto insurance premium in Connecticut for your Portland auto insurance policy. It is important to know the factors that they base their calculations on so that you can be ensured of a fair deal on a good policy.

How are auto insurance premiums calculated in Portland, Connecticut?

Auto insurance premiums have a very complex way of being calculated. There are a number of factors that come in to play when one goes out to get his auto insurance coverage. The national average for auto insurance premiums was around 1837$ in may 2009. Portland, Connecticut comes in as one of the cheaper places to get auto insurance.

How are auto insurance premiums calculated? What are the different factors that are taken into account?

The first and most important factor is whether or not you already own insurance. If you do not own insurance, you will not be able to get a new insurance policy from most companies. In fact, a very few companies actually provide insurance coverage for people without insurance and these can be counted with the fingers of one hand.

Another very important consideration is your driving record. Every time you commit an offense, it will be registered on your driving record by the police. And this record is accessible by all insurance companies whom you would contact for insurance. This way they can gauge as to how good a driver you are. Hence the more traffic infractions that you commit, the costlier your insurance policy will get. It's all about risk assessment when it comes to insurance policies. They want to know what the probability is of you getting into an accident.

Auto insurance premiums also depend to a certain extent on the type of car you are driving. A sports car is known for its speed and hence will cost more to insure as it is automatically a high risk car. A vintage car can breakdown at any given time considering it has been on the road for so long. Hence it will be expensive to insure such a vehicle.

And if you are a teenager who wants to drive in Portland, Connecticut; it will cost you a lot to insure your vehicle. Teenagers are considered to be high risk individuals and hence the insurance premium will automatically go up. The only way to show that you are a responsible driver is to show proof like good grades or a certificate from a defensive driving school. This way the insurance company is assured that you are serious about driving safe.

Your premium can also be reduced if you are a returning customer. If you already have insurance policies with the company, for example health, life, or home; then you can ask for an additional discount from the company.

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