Oxford Auto Insurance in Connecticut

Filing for Oxford car insurance claims is an easy process if you know the steps involved. When you purchase the Oxford car insurance policy in Connecticut, understand the legalities of filing claims and the procedure followed by the Oxford auto insurance company you buy the policy from. Having these details handy will help you file successful claims in case of any eventualities.

Filing Oxford auto insurance claims in Connecticut

Auto insurance claims can get very tricky since there are a number of factors which come in to play. And filing for one in Oxford, Connecticut is no easier.

We shall go through the entire process of what exactly you must do when you meet with an accident in Oxford, Connecticut in a step by step manner.

The first step is to make sure that no one is hurt. Check for any serious injuries and then make sure that all your valuables are intact. And also, do not panic. And then, even if no one is seriously injured externally, you must go to a doctor immediately to make sure there are no internal damages. And if there is a serious injury, call 911 immediately and ask for emergency medical assistance.

And then even if no body is seriously injured, the next step is to again call 911. But this time, you must state that there has been a traffic incident. In the meantime, make sure that the other party does not take off!

Once the police arrive on the scene, you must go about inspecting the damage. But before this make sure you do not get into an argument with the other driver. Road rage is a serious cause of death amongst most Americans. And just because you survived the accident doesn't make you bullet proof!

The best way to solve all your problems is to sort it out amicably with the other party. It is obvious that the other party will claim that it was your fault. No body will want his or her auto insurance premium to be affected. The best way to sort this out would be to get a few witnesses and/or look around for a video camera which recorded the incident. There are a number of video surveillance cameras on most city roads and even a few interstate highways. This is where the police can be of help.

The next step is to file the claim if you were the party at fault. But if you were not the party at fault, ask the police to file a case. And then take down the details of the other driver. This should include his driving license number, his car registration number and his insurance company contact details. If possible, ask the police to talk to the auto insurance company right there on the scene of the accident.

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