Bristol Auto Insurance in Connecticut

Like every state, even Connecticut has certain legal requirements that are specified for Bristol car insurance policies. While it is mandatory to have the minimum coverage in place, it is suggested that you opt for higher financial protection by going in for enhanced coverage on your Bristol auto insurance policy in Connecticut. In order to choose the right type of coverage, ensure that you are aware about all types of Bristol auto insurance coverage that are available.

Types of Bristol auto insurance coverage available in Connecticut

There are a number of options In auto insurance coverage in Bristol, Connecticut. We shall first discuss the most common options and then look into the unique ones.

The most popular type of auto insurance coverage in Bristol, Connecticut is the first party fully comprehensive auto insurance policy. In this type of auto insurance policy you will get the maximum amount of freedom.

First party auto insurance allows you to claim for damages under any situation. Under first party insurance, you need not be the party at fault in order to file for auto insurance. In situations where the other party is uninsured or underinsured, you can claim for damages under your policy itself. This saves a lot of time and money in litigation. You can also claim for reimbursement in instances where you bang your car against a tree or a pole which may not have auto insurance coverage.

The other type of auto insurance policy is the fire and theft limited auto insurance policy. In this policy, you have to show fault in order to claim reimbursement. But in cases where you have suffered losses due to fires or other natural disasters like floods and earthquakes you can file under your insurance policy. It also covers losses due to theft and acts of vandalism. It's something like a midway policy between the third party and first party insurance.

The third party auto insurance policy is a policy which needs you to show fault in order to claim reimbursement. If you have had an accident, you first need to ascertain who was at fault and only then can you go ahead and file a claim. And the other party also needs to be covered under your policy if you were at fault. And if you were not at fault, then you need to take down the other party's details such as address, phone number, insurance company and car identification number.

Do remember that the insurance companies do not usually identify a car by its registration number of in other words its license plate. They will need the unique vehicle identification number which you can find under the hood of the car. Its also located somewhere on the chassis. But lifting up the hood and looking on the engine cover plate is the best bet.

The other more rare sorts of auto insurance policies are the sports car and classic automobile insurance. These can be tailor made to the expectations of the owner and hence cost a lot.

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