Plymouth Auto Insurance in Connecticut

It is important to think twice before you file for Plymouth car insurance claims. While costs of repair when the car has been heavily damaged needs to be reimbursed by the insurance company, do not file Plymouth auto insurance claims in Connecticut for windshield damage and other small repairs which you can cover from your pocket. Filing for claims too often on your Plymouth auto insurance policy not only shows your lack of responsibility, but will also increase your premiums by leaps and bounds.

Drawback of filing Plymouth auto insurance claims often in Connecticut

Plymouth is a town in Litchfield County, Connecticut, united states of America. It was named after Plymouth, Devon in England. The population was around 11,600 back in the year 2000 in Plymouth, Connecticut.

So how does filing for auto insurance claims affect your auto insurance policy?

The most important affect is that your premium amount keeps going up the more times you file for claims. Why does this happen?

If you are going to be filing for reimbursements very regularly, it means that you have been involved in a lot of accidents. And also, since the claims have been filed on your behalf, it means that you are at fault in all these accidents.

Auto insurance claims are a little complex to understand. We shall now discuss how it decided as to who is liable to pay compensation in case of an accident.

If you have a first party or fully comprehensive auto insurance policy, you are eligible to claim compensation under any situation. Even if you are not the party at fault, you can claim for reimbursement. But the fact remains that if you claim for insurance, your premium is going to go up.

But if you have third party insurance, then you cannot claim for reimbursement in case you are not the party at fault. You can file for an auto insurance claim only when you are the party at fault. Here, you need to show proof of fault. This could be by asking witnesses to second your claim or show some other electronic record of evidence like a camera tape or a voice recording tape.

So why would someone claim reimbursement under first party insurance?

In case the other party does not have insurance coverage of if the other party is underinsured and you have met with a serious accident, then there is no other way but to file for damages under your insurance. But you have to first decide as to whether it is going to be better this way of whether you should take it to court. Your auto insurance agent will usually be able to guide you as to which option is better.

But the fact remains that no matter where you stay in the United States of America, your auto insurance premium will go up when you file a claim. And it is the same in Plymouth, Connecticut.

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