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Portland may not be as busy as the other states in New York but law enforcement officers are still enforcing a strict no car, no drive policy around the city. Avoid the fines, penalties, and the possible loss of your license for not having a Portland car insurance. Portland auto insurance not only protects your property but your loved ones as well.

Protection from Financial Loss – Get Portland Auto Insurance in New York Before You Hit the Road

With a population density of about 160 people per square mile, Portland, New York is not exactly one the busiest places in the state. Traffic on the streets of Portland is moderate and one can easily get through main thoroughfare of Portland without so much trouble. However, every now and then, accidents do happen in the streets, prompting law enforcement officers to become quite strict in enforcing the "no car insurance no driving policy of the city." Anybody who is caught driving without a valid Portland car insurance can be subject to fines and penalties. Drivers who make the habit of hitting the road without valid Portland car insurance could lose their license and car registration. Yes, the consequences of driving without insurance around this city is rather serious so you should never attempt to take your car out into the street if you do not have coverage.

Driving without valid car insurance will not only result to fines and penalties, it can also lead to financial ruins. Note that without a valid insurance coverage, you will need to pay from your own pockets the cost of any bodily injuries and property damages you caused while driving. If you hit more than one car while traveling on the road, you could end up paying thousands of dollars in damages. Fortunately, a valid insurance coverage can save you from a lot of financial troubles. Getting minimum coverage for bodily injuries of $25,000.00 per person injured and $10,000.00 minimum property damages can already go a long way in case of accidents.

Will getting minimum car insurance be enough to stave off financial ruins? Technically, minimum coverage prescribed under the law cannot cover all costs involved in major road accidents. Medical bills can easily go past the $25,000.00 minimum coverage and when that happens, you will need to pay for the difference out from your own pockets. Alternatively, damage to properties during major road mishaps can easily cost more than $10,000.00. If you hit a brand new sports car or luxury car while navigating the road, your $10,000.00 coverage may not be able to cover full cost of damages, so you end up picking up the rest of the bill. Given this situation, it would be better to get more than the minimum coverage prescribe by law especially if you are on the road often.

Do you need to get other types of coverage aside from bodily injuries and property damages as prescribed by law? Every driver needs to protect him or herself from costly hospital bills and car repair expenses. As a responsible driver, you should get personal injuries protection, collision coverage, and comprehensive coverage. Get full coverage and stay out of financial troubles.

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