Hudson Auto Insurance in New York

The cost of having no Hudson car insurance today is irrefutable. Not only it's against the law, it could also mean an additional vehicle repair and medical expenses in the event of accidents. Finding the right Hudson auto insurance policy today can be a daunting task however, with a basic understanding you can be sure of getting the right one that you need.

Car owners residing in the city of Hudson, New York are all required to have a car insurance policy with the minimum state-required coverage before they can go on with their registration at the local DMV office. The following are three basic types of car insurance coverage needed by Hudson residents.

  1. No-Fault Coverage

    When it comes to motor vehicle insurance or coverage, the city of Hudson follows the "No-Fault" law like every city in the state of New York. No-Fault is also called Personal Injury Protection (PIP). A car insurance company pays the policy holder and anyone injured in an auto collision or car crash right away. This coverage can go up to $50,000 per person, regardless of who the cause of the collision is. This also includes any pedestrians injured by an insured car. Claims for economic losses and non-economic damages that go beyond the coverage limit can only be considered only if a "serious injury" occurs, as indicated by New York State Insurance Department regulations.

  2. Liability Coverage (Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability)

    Liability coverage provides protection to a policy holder should a third-party file a claim against him alleging that a policy holder's car or vehicle caused the accident or that he was careless. This also protects the person allowed by the policy holder to drive his car. Should the car be involved in an auto accident that causes damaged property, severe bodily injury or death, this type of coverage will shoulder the third-party's expenses such as medical bills, loss of income or suffering. Bodily injury liability covers people's injury and not the damage to a vehicle. Its coverage is limited to the policy's terms and conditions and does not cover a policy holder or other people. Property damage liability covers the policy holder if his car causes damage to someone else's property like another car or a structure.

    Here are the minimum limits of liability coverage:

    Third-party bodily injury not resulting in death (1 person 1 accident): $25,000
    Any type of injury resulting to death (1 person 1 accident): $50,000
    Damage of property (1 accident): $10,000
    These limits are collectively known in New York as "25/50/10."

  3. Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury Coverage

    This type of coverage provides protection to the policy holder, members of his household, and his passengers in case of bodily injury or death caused by negligence of a driver whose auto insurance is insufficient. Its coverage is limited to the policy's terms and conditions and does not cover damage to a policy holder's car or other property.

It is very important for Hudson car owners to know the basic types of car insurance coverage needed before they get their vehicles registered.

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