Boston Auto Insurance in New York

Smart shopping begins by knowing what type of Boston auto insurance coverage you need. In spite of the less crowded and low accident rate in this area, all drivers are still obliged to carry at the very least, an auto liability insurance. Request a quote today and see for yourself that purchasing Boston car insurance is not as costly as you may think it is.

Important Things That You Should Know Before You Get Boston Auto Insurance Policy in New York

Boston is one of geologically interesting place in the state of New York. Considered as a hamlet town with its many glacial activities, the pace of life in this part of the state is a lot slower. Compared to New York City, Boston can be considered as a sleepy old town. No wonder that the streets in Boston are a lot less crowded and accidents are less frequent.

Yet, despite this fact that Boston is one of the safer places to drive in the State of New York, drivers should always have valid auto insurance coverage when they drive around this place. Why? The State of New York mandates that all drivers should be covered with auto insurance, so if you do not want to break any laws while driving through the streets of Boston, you should get auto insurance coverage.

Maintaining a Boston car insurance policy is not as expensive as you think. If you take time to shop around for insurance quotes before buying your policy, it is possible to save a considerable amount of money. Moreover, if you keep your coverage to a minimum, it is also possible to lower the cost of your policy into just a few hundred dollars.

How much is minimum coverage under the laws of New York? Minimum coverage for bodily injury prescribed by New York laws is just $25,000.00 per person and maximum coverage for each accident is only $ 50,000.00. For property damages, the law only requires a minimum coverage of $10,000. Given these amounts, you can easily maintain a Boston car insurance policy without busting your budget. However, if you are on the road most of the time and you have some money to spare, it would be wise to get more than just minimum coverage. Note that minimum coverage may not provide you enough protection in case you figure in a road accident involving several vehicles.

Will your Boston car insurance pay for the cost of damages even if an accident was your fault? The no fault insurance law of New York states that insurers are liable to pay for damages and injury claims filed by policy holders regardless of who caused the accident. In other words, even if you dozed off while driving and your negligence resulted to an accident, your insurers are still liable to pay for damages and injury claims. Just make sure that you file your claims within the time specified by law to avoid any problems. Remember that once the filing period for claims has lapsed, your insurers are no longer bound under law to pay you. Yes, delayed filing claims can be disastrous so make sure that you file your claims on time.

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