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We know just how important your car is to you. As a car owner, you are always on the lookout for ways to save money on your Bronx auto insurance policies. This is why we built this site, to help you find and decide which Bronx car insurance you really need.

Factors that Affect Your Bronx Auto Insurance Rate in New York

Auto insurance rates are different for every New Yorker. Not just in New York, but across all insurance companies in the United States, the factors are most basically about risks a policy applicant poses. As a rule of thumb, the higher risk a driver is, the higher will be the premium charged by an insurer. There is the age factor where younger ones and elderly are charged higher. New drivers get high premiums because they are deemed less careful on the road given the fact that they would like to enjoy this newfound freedom. While for senior citizens, companies see them as risky because of possible impairments to the senses caused by old age. Even the community where you live in is also considered. For instance, in New York, the risk of vehicle theft for 2008 is about 49% of the National Rate and about 90% in Bronx County. Most likely, because of this piece of statistics, vehicle insurance rates here are higher than in another state or city.

The number one factor that is being considered is how law-abiding a driver is while on the road. Records of previous accidents & insurance claims and traffic violations and apprehensions are checked before a quote is offered. These are the usual causes of accidents and road violations of drivers:

  • Driving while intoxicated with alcohol and/or drugs;
  • Not yielding to stop signs and red lights;
  • Over- or under-speeding;
  • Driving while distracted by mobile phone, radio, passenger or any other source;
  • Driving in bad weather conditions; or
  • Disobeying traffic laws and signs.

In Bronx, New York, insurance companies will most likely charge higher for premiums. There is a study in March 2009 that about 64% of drivers in this city surpassed posted limits, some about 9 miles above the limit while others drive at 60mph at a 35mph limit, at the most dangerous intersections. Some of the intersections recorded in the survey were on Webster Avenue near East 195th Street, Pelham Parkway South and Neill Avenue, and University Avenue at East 181st street. Most parents are concerned about the third one simply because an elementary school is very near that location. There is also information that there were 53 pedestrian fatalities between 2005 and 2007 because of vehicular accidents. This is certainly not good news for insurance companies who probably had to cover the costs of these accidents.

On another note, just recently, news about the death of an eleven-year old girl was posted on the internet. It is surprising that the cause is a car accident where a Bronx mother, Carmen Huertas, was drunk driving. There were six other girls in the car and they were all hurt. Her insurer will surely charge her more when she renews her policy.

See, an insurance rate is pretty much controllable. One just needs to become a responsible driver, follow road rules, and avoid accidents.

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