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Liability Coverage for Florida Auto Insurance in New York is Required by DMV

In Florida, New York, your car insurance must be all set and ready before you are able to register your vehicle with the DMV. The State of New York has specific laws on insurance that basically requires you to buy liability coverage, together with Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and Uninsured Motorist from your insurance company. In financial world lingo, liability coverage in this city is 25/50/10 which means the minimum payout must be $25,000 for injury, $50,000 for death and $10,000 for damage to property. It is important that while a vehicle is still registered, coverage must remain to be in effect even if the car is unused. Otherwise, a lapse occurs and will mean a severe violation.

The following are guidelines in applying for valid liability insurance in Florida, New York that is needed for DMV registration:

  • It is imperative that the insurance coverage is issued by a reputable and authorized New York State company that is duly licensed by the state's Insurance Department. An out-of-state coverage is never valid and therefore will never be accepted.
  • The policy holder and car registrant must be one and the same person. It should also stay that way, otherwise this will cause a lapse and the registration will be suspended.
  • Your insurance company is required by law to issue two original New York State Insurance Identification cards with barcodes and must be presented to the DMV within 45 days of the effective date of insurance. You will need to present this to DMV upon your application for a registration. Again, identifications must be under the same name as the one appearing on registration documents. The Florida, New York DMV office will keep one of the cards while the other one stays with the registrant. This is your proof of insurance and will be asked from you by any police officer when a need arises.
  • To verify liability coverage further, an insurer must file a notice electronically with the DMV. Your insurance ID and this electronic notice work together. The ID alone does not prove anything with the DMV.
  • Since the state of New York strictly imposes the law on insurance, DMV will never accept insurance documents acquired outside the state.

There are cases that the registrant moves out of New York, but the vehicle registration remains to be in New York State. There is no need to change to an out-of-state insurance because there are no exceptions and the vehicle still must have liability coverage issued in NYS. If you replace it from another non- authorized NYS insurance provider, it is tantamount to having a lapse in insurance which will lead to suspension of your registration and Florida, New York driver's license. You will still be liable if your address is not in NYS anymore.

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