Lansing Auto Insurance in New York

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Basic Points about Lansing Auto Insurance in New York

Any motorist and car owner residing in Lansing, New York consider car insurance a necessity, especially since they often use the state's bustling routes. If you live and travel through one of the country's most populous states, you will certainly realize how big the chances of meeting a road mishap are. This may not be the only reason why getting an insurance is necessary. Because Lansing is part of New York, a law that makes auto insurance mandatory covers it. If you are caught having none, you can be meted with penalties that may require you to pay bigger sums.

Lansing is located near densely populated city of New York, which means living here makes you enjoy the benefits of modern living. However, you will also have to deal with busier roads and higher possibilities of an accident. This situation on the road prompts car insurance companies to fix insurance rates higher than those in other states. As the rest of the country has an average of $1,794 for premiums, Lansing car owners have to contend with premiums approximating $2,432 dollars based on a 2009 survey. Although rates fluctuate sometimes, there has been a decreasing trend of 1% since two years ago.

New York has a No-Fault Law that covers all vehicles registered for use and operation within the state. Hence, it covers all motorists and car owners residing in Lansing. This law obligates auto insurance companies to cover costs of hospitalization of all persons involved in a vehicular accident regardless of whose fault it is. However, there are cases when you cannot avail of this benefit. These include accidents you have caused because you were driving while intoxicated by illegal drugs or you have incurred injury while in flight after committing a felony.

State laws on car insurance allow coverage with a minimum of $25,000 for an individual's body injury not resulting to death and $50,000 for fatal injuries. The minimum for one accident is $50,000, which is good for two persons only having injuries that do not result in deaths. On the other hand, damages on properties can be covered with a minimum of $10,000 per accident. In Lansing's and the state of New York's parlance, this is called the "25/50/10."

You can find ways to get discounts and lower premium rates. One of the most commonly used method in Lansing for getting a low cost insurance is by keeping mileage at minimum. You can also get cars that are not designed for high speed. Insurance companies usually consider such cars as safer. Because these are low-risk, lesser premium rates may be provided.

Numerous auto insurance companies exist and operate in the state of New York and cover all towns and counties including Lansing. You can find one that provides the cheapest car insurance with free quotes online. After getting these, you can compare rates so you can decide on what is the best insurance coverage for you.

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