The best low-cost insurance for young drivers


02Getting low-cost insurance for teens is a good idea but it requires a great deal of planning and it is not impossible.  There are a few tips that one can follow and get a good deal.

Back in the old days when the government was for the people and the wealthy paid their taxes to keep the government running, things went on smoothly and even public schools used to offer pretty decent drivers education courses which were for free.  However, in the present scenario the government is more bothered about giving the wealthy and global corporations massive tax cuts in order to sell their products in the US and this has led to the education funding drying up.  Now these free drivers’ education courses are no longer present and students are expected to pay very high fees to enroll in a few sessions that consist of little or nothing and they have to shell out at least $300 for this course.

It is a better idea to enroll these youngsters in a professional driving school where the cost hardly differs but at least the quality of instruction is far better.  Insurance companies in turn offer discounts to students who graduate from these driving schools.  The amount spent on this course could easily be recovered with the discounts that are offered by the insurance companies.

If a teenager gets a moving violation it will be reflected on his records for the next three years most of the time.  This could easily be avoided if the youngster will agree to attend traffic school or a defensive driving course if that is offered by the judge as an alternative.  This would serve a dual purpose as the teen will get some chance at improving his driving habits and it will also halt the sudden increase in premiums.

It is better to choose the right vehicle for your teenager.  Although it might be tempting for a parent to get over indulgent at times and get their teenager a jazzy sports car that is really asking for trouble.  The insurance costs will be sky high and that is the first thing and the second thing is that these vehicles have a real top speed and that could be tempting for any teenager.  The best buy for a teen would be an old model of a four-door sedan which is fitted with all the latest safety equipment.  The insurance on these vehicles could be really low.