Car insurance accounts for the largest consumer complaints


07Since the last three years, around one-third of the complaints that are made by consumers to the insurance regulators in the state have to do with auto insurance.  This is as per the data compiled and submitted voluntarily by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC).  The second largest complaints are with regard to auto coverage.  Health coverage and accident were at the top spot and accounted for about 40% overall.

As per the report the regulators had an important role to play acting as objective mediators between the aggrieved policyholders as well as the insurance providers.  If the policyholders feel that they have got a raw deal from their insurers then they could approach their state insurance regulators as the last resort and will be able to get relief there.

The state department keeps tabs on the complaints that are genuine and complaints that are justifiably filed by the consumers.  The department then turns this piece of information such as the negative past experiences of the some of the consumers into data that can be useful for the others.  This is made available to the public through complaint-ratio reports which weigh the number of complaints with regard to the total number of policies that are written by the company.  Hence consumers can get the feedback with regard to these companies by referencing these reports.  Consumers are advised to reference the data and choose a policy that provides the best coverage from some of the best rated auto insurance companies.

There are complaints that are filed by the consumers with regard to the denials in claims, disputes over settlement, as well as rating issues that lead to the funds being returned to the policyholder.  Around $52 million was recovered in 2010 by the California Department of Insurance after the investigation of consumer complaints.

The most frequent complaints were those regarding denials, delays, and unsatisfactory settlement sizes.  In order to evaluate the insurers further and choose the right insurance provider, it is best for customers to visit credible websites where they can get reliable information as well as the quote comparison generator which can help in tracking the best insurance coverage.

There are many websites where one can do the comparisons before purchasing the policy and consumers can use the available data in these websites and decide to choose the company which offers the best services at the most affordable prices.