California colleges promote low-cost auto insurance programs


shutterstock_1003273Colleges in California are now promoting low-cost insurance programs as representatives from California’s Department of Insurance as well as notebook computer marker ASUS Computer International are making visits to the community colleges and introducing students to the California Low-Cost Automobile Insurance Program (CLCA) that is run by the state.

In the present economy, most Californian’s especially students are looking for ways and means to save money. According to the CLCA program the state provides affordable liability-only insurance which meets the state’s requirements of less than $400 year.

Chris Shultz states that the CLCA is a great plan for most Californians and especially useful for students. They can get auto insurance cover through CLCA program for as little as $26 per month. This is sufficient to meet the insurance requirements by the state of California.

The CDI stated that it recognized that there were many students who were shopping for auto insurance online and looking at bargains. Due to this the ASUS representatives made a visit to the American River College in Sacramento where they introduced the CLCA program. They gave a demonstration of the ease with which students could apply for the program online.

The second visit by the Insurance Department was at The American River College and this was part of the series of events held in colleges. The third visit would take place at the community college in San Diego.

Eligibility criteria include:

  • The student applicant should be a ‘good driver’ with no more than one at-fault, property damage only accident or could have one point moving violation during the last 3 years.
  • There should be no at-fault accident which involves bodily injury or death during the last 3 years. No charges of felony or misdemeanor conviction for violation of vehicle code.
  • The family must meet the income eligibility limit of $27,225 for one person, $36,775 for two people, and $55,875 if it is a family of four.
  • The value of the vehicle that is insured must not exceed $20,000.

Shultz stated that there were more than one million uninsured drivers who hit the roads of California each day. Driving without insurance was illegal and that was the bottom line. Hence, the California Department of Insurance offered encouragement to all citizens of California to check to see if they qualify.

The CLCA program had been established in 1999 as a pilot project in LA and San Francisco and has been operational ever since.