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Do You Need Used Car Insurance?


Buying a brand new car nowadays means spending all your fortune. A great cheap alternative is to get used cars. People who buy second-hand cars often use the vehicles primarily as a daily mode of transportation to and from the office, school, or supermarket. Since they lack the budget, some used car buyers choose not to get used car insurance. The law, however, requires all drivers to have at least liability coverage, the most basic insurance.

You will definitely need liability coverage when you apply for used car insurance, otherwise you will pay fines when you get caught. Obtaining such insurance will not a take a toll on your wallet because of the low accident rates for used cars. In addition, because of your vehicle’s low value, insurance companies will not have to worry too much when you are involved in an accident. Another issue is whether your used vehicle also needs to get comprehensive and collision coverage.

If you have a used car worth less than $2000, then you have to cover it only with liability insurance. This way, you will not pay a collision deductible that might be well more than the actual worth of the car. However, do not forget to get enough coverage under the policy’s bodily injury liability coverage portion. This could protect you in case the accident might be your fault.

If the vehicle you purchased is about two years old, then it is not a good idea to get the property insurance (including comprehensive and collision coverage) since it is meant for your car’s repair and replacement. You may not need this type of insurance because your insurance cost would be much higher compared to that of your vehicle. This means you will just throw away money attempting to replace or fix a vehicle with a very small value.

Since it is not a very wise decision to get comprehensive and collision coverage, you should know how to obtain used car insurance liability coverage. Some common, yet effective tips to consider when getting your used car policy include shopping around online and asking for insurance quotes, as well as choosing a reliable and experienced company in terms of giving insurance to old cars.

You can also obtain used car insurance by asking about the best deals and great offers. Be on guard, however, against unbelievably cheap rates. Do not be tempted easily. Moreover, impress your insurer by having healthy driving habits and by having security features on your vehicle. If you follow these tips, your car will certainly get the protection it deserves, even if it is a used car.