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Beat The Insurance Price Increase – Lower Your Truck Insurance Expenses


If you are one of those people who are going through some rough times with your finances, do not freak out. Just because prices of commodities and services including truck insurance coverage have increased in the past several months it does not mean that you will need to blow a large hole in your budget just to get what you need. With a little creativity and resourcefulness, you can easily reduce the cost of truck insurance by several percentage points.

There are many ways to beat price increases and get cheaper truck insurance coverage. First, you can shave off as much as a couple hundred dollars from premiums by ditching your old coverage and buying a cheaper one. No, you do not have to leave old insurers to reduce your truck insurance cost. You can easily negotiate better services for lower prices with insurers. How? You need to demand for an annual policy review from them. Do not be content with paying the same amount of premiums every year. Use your good driving record and high credit scores as bargaining chips when dealing with insurers. Tell them that since you have not made any claims with the company for the last 36 months or so, you deserve to get lower premium rates. With clean driving records, your insurers will probably give in to your demands without a fight. To get additional discount, present a certificate of good credit history to your coverage providers. Insurance companies love people who know how to manage their finances so if your credit history looks good, flaunt it in front of them.

To keep premium cost in check, do not over insure your old car. Even if that old and rusty thing sitting on your garage has been your faithful companion for years, you should not be too protective of it. Old cars do not have much value these days so forget about getting comprehensive coverage for an old vehicle. Instead of getting comprehensive coverage, stick with a “bare bones” coverage that protects you from bodily injury and property liability to others.

Is it possible to get seniors discount from insurance companies? Most insurance companies do not offer discounts solely on the basis of age. However, the good news is that if you are already in your 60’s, you can use your long driving experience as leverage when asking for premium discounts. Just make sure that you have not had more than two minor accidents in the last five years or else insurers will turn down your request for lower premium rates.