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Batting for Cheaper New Driver Car Insurance


Experience counts for a lot when it comes to getting lower auto insurance premiums. Insurance providers prefer motorists who have had extensive or ample driving experience. This lowers their likelihood of getting in an accident. Fewer accidents would mean fewer payout and higher profits.

Insurers would often cite the lack of experience for expensive insurance. Providers have to factor in the experience factor plus other statistical information to prove their point that new drivers present more risks than other motorists on the road. Because of this, new driver car insurance is considerably more costly than the average premiums.

However, motorists who are new to the driving world no longer have to contend with skyrocketing rates. On the contrary, new drivers can even qualify for substantial discounts. By considering these possibilities, inexperienced drivers can very well be on the way to affordable auto insurance.

New drivers have to take into account the fact that insurance companies pay close attention to the car they are driving. Some cars have spotty safety records and are often proven by independent or affiliate studies to present more of a risk than other car models. To get cheaper new driver car insurance, motorists have to purchase vehicles that rank low when it comes to accident risks. For better measure, drivers have to stay clear of high performance sports cars and large SUVs. These vehicles can usually mean higher insurance rates and premiums.

Motorists can also participate in defensive driving programs to enhance their driving skills. Insurers look kindly on policyholders who take the extra effort to improve their driving through accredited driving courses. They know that these classes are proven to cut the likelihood of accidents. Providers also know that if their clients are involved in less accidents, then they won’t have to pay out more for claims.

Car owners can also increase their chances of avoiding accidents by installing safety devices and equipments. Even with relative lack of driving experience, motorists can still qualify for affordable new driver car insurance by taking extra precautions. For instance, having anti-lock brakes, third brake lights, and four wheel drive can definitely help drivers prevent accidents from happening. Side airbags also add an extra level of protection, reducing the risk of injury during a crash. Also, anti-theft devices can help protect vehicles from being stolen.

Being inexperienced does not necessarily mean losing out on all the great benefits and discounts in car insurance. On the contrary, motorists can easily get cheaper new driver car insurance by following these steps.