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Group Auto Insurance: A Great Company Perk


Large companies know that to keep their employees productive and happy, they have to offer a wide variety of benefits. Prized employees are well taken care of because of their skills and great potential. Some organizations offer more than just holiday or vacation benefits. Oftentimes, they even offer insurance policies to their workers to encourage them to stay with the company.

Aside from great health and car plans, employees sometimes even get car insurance benefits. Their companies pay for their car insurance. While not technically free, employees get to renew their premiums on a regular basis because companies deduct payments for their coverage from the payrolls. Without having to pay a lump sum every year, individuals can pay off their premiums on a monthly basis.

Of course, with hundreds and even thousands of workers, organizations need a special form of car insurance coverage. To cut on costs, companies purchase group auto insurance. Just like buying by the bulk, acquiring a large number of car premiums at the same time can result to discounts and other great incentives for the client company.

Many providers, especially well-known companies, offer group auto insurance coverage. As an added bonus, employees who avail of their car insurance through their company’s group insurance program get to savor discounted rates and other benefits not usually offered to individual clients.

Insurance providers also offer several payment methods for workers under their company’s auto insurance scheme. They can opt for payroll deduction, traditional home billing, and even credit card transactions. The premium payments are also divided equally throughout the coverage term, further making payment lighter for the employee.

The convenience of group auto insurance coupled with light payment schedules are sometimes enough to convince workers to stay with a particular company for a long time. Corporations and large companies also prefer this scheme because of the great savings they usually enjoy. In some industries, group auto insurance policies have even become bargaining chips when workers demand greater compensation and benefits.

Many providers even offer the continuance of coverage even if an individual enrolled in a group program is no longer part of an organization. Depending on state laws, even retirees can continue their coverage with some insurance premiums payable through pension deduction. After leaving an organization, individual clients can choose to retain their policies by paying for them through other methods, like credit cards, and even traditional home billing.