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When Should I Get GAP Insurance For My Car?


In our economy that is based on credit, we do not usually pay cash for the things that we need. Instead, we get loans and credit cards to pay for them for convenience because we do not have the funds to pay for them upfront. A very good example would be getting a house or a car. These things are a necessity for us so we try our best to get them. Mortgages and car loans are made available for us so we can have the home and the vehicle that we need. With these purchases, it is also a need for you to get insurance in case anything happens to the house or the car.

Let us take your car insurance in focus. Auto insurances have can cover several things. It can cover damages caused by sever weather conditions, collisions, medical expenses, as well as legalities. It can also cover the whole cost of your car if it was stolen or totaled meaning the cost of repair is more than the actual cost of the car or it is beyond repair. But if you paid your car with a loan and the amount of what you owe on the car is more than its value? Is it really possible? Yes it is. A car easily depreciates.

If you have purchased a car for a certain amount of money, just for a few days or even a few months of using it, the value lowers so it does not hold the same value as a brand new car even if you still consider it as a brand new car. In addition, paying for a loan is quite difficult nowadays considering the economic crisis. So sometimes, the interest accrued on the car loan is capitalized making our outstanding balance higher than before. If you were involved with loss and your auto insurance company finds out that the present value of your car is less than your loan balance then you will pay for the difference. But, if you have GAP insurance, this will cover that difference and you do not have to pay the extra out of your savings. GAP insurance or guaranteed auto protection insurance is usually not included in your car insurance policy. You have to request for it so it will be included in your plan.

In searching for a good GAP insurance deal, you have to know what the boundaries of the policy are because you might have a different impression about the plan.