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The Various Car Insurance Types


When the topic on talks is about car insurance, some people find it to be queer. Nonetheless, a car insurance coverage is essential to all drivers and car owners. It is required to have coverage as per the dictation of law. Another thing is that it protects you and your assets. This is the safety net that protects you from the harm of bankruptcy because of an accident.

Auto insurance coverage is divided into four major types. These are full comprehensive; third party; specialized car insurance; and third party, fire, and theft. Among the four policies, the full comprehensive coverage has the highest price tag. This coverage is often tied up in company cars shouldered by financial corporations. This type of coverage has the widest range of protection because it protects you in almost any event. This includes collision, theft, natural disasters, and such. This coverage protects vehicles best.

Full comprehensive coverage is also inclusive of the ability to file to the indemnity company even if the information of whose side is at fault is not yet present. Even if you’re not at fault in time of an accident, and the other party is either uninsured or not sharing their information about their insurance coverage, you can still file claims to the company. You can also claim to the company if your car has been stolen.

The coverage third party, fire, and theft car insurance is almost the same as fully comprehensive; however, this requires the policyholder to present who is at fault o make a claim. This coverage is often used in cases when the car itself has innate value and the payment has been made full. Another difference of this from fully comprehensive is that the insurance provider has to pay you only when you are proven to be responsible for a mishap.

The cheapest type of car policy is third party insurance. This coverage only shoulders cases when you hit a vehicle and you are blamed to be at fault. In cases such as fire damage, vandalism, and theft, the insurer holds no liability to pay you for the damage.

Specialized auto insurance is the last type of car insurance. This is often purchased for cars that are above 25 years of age. This policy has the same coverage as fully comprehensive. The difference is in the mileage. This type of coverage limits the distance traveled by the insured car.

Available online are services wherein you can compare car indemnity quotes. This can be a great opportunity to grab so watch out for it for affordable auto insurance.