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The Federal States’ Stand on Car insurance


Do you keep on wondering why auto insurance is mandatory for drivers regardless of their age and experience? Premiums can be quite high for certain types of drivers. This can also be grueling to pay if you are living on a tight budget. Yet if you cannot give up your car entirely, you have to pay for your premiums.

A good question to start with before getting cynical about auto insurance is that, “Why does state laws mandate that drivers should have car insurance?” Most people will never ask this question nor ponder upon it.

The logic behind auto insurance is beyond the driver’s safety and the company’s profitability if looking within the premise of the state. The government should ensure public safety and they have the statistics and the court to back them up.

In reality, the roads used by drivers are government-owned. Thus, accidents happen in public places theoretically. The rising numbers of vehicular accidents is tantamount to the rising numbers of people involved in such accidents. This is the reason why states require drivers to get insurance before hitting the road. This is obviously part of public safety.

This law has been challenged and brought to court but the court ruled in favor of this law, thus making it constitutional. It falls within the scope of the states’ power particularly “police power”.

Statistics doesn’t lie when it comes to vehicular accidents. Making it mandatory is better than to let many people suffer and figure out themselves how to pay damages they’ve caused to other people because of unsafe driving.

It serves as a safety net for drivers in case accidents happen to them. The insurance will back them up in paying the damages to other people and/or their properties. Thus, it also protects innocent people.

Nobody, not even you can foretell when an accident can occur. This can happen to you anytime while you are on the road. The government is only making sure that at all times, accidents will be covered. Most states require that drivers should have at least liability coverage.

Now, as the one concerned in paying the premiums of your insurance, you have the sole responsibility to find a good policy. If you have a policy right now, you can still look for a better one by surfing the web. Just remember that when looking for policies, only look for state-registered companies. Look for blogs, multiple comparison websites, review sites and company websites to find affordable rates and compare different types of coverage.