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How to get most competitive automobile insurance quotes


When you ask auto insurance companies to furnish you automobile insurance quotes, they arrive at the premium amounts on the auto insurance policy based purely on their individual perception of the risk factors that they associate with you. Hence, usually you would find considerable difference in the auto insurance quotes from different insurance companies, even though your personal details and your vehicle remain the same. Still, it is possible to get the auto insurance quotes lowered, if you understand the factors that are strongly considered by the insurance companies. When you know their decision making process, it becomes easy to negotiate with them and obtain better terms for auto insurance quotes. 

Driving Record 

One of the most important factors that insurance companies consider seriously is your personal driving record. If your driving had been without any accidents in the previous 3 years, you are granted an immediate discount of 5% by most auto insurers. Even if you had been involved in accidents in the past but without any fault from your side, you would be able to convince the insurer about this fact by submitting relevant documents for proving the circumstances. If your driving record is not impeccable, the only alternative is to accept the higher auto insurance quotes, get the auto policy coverage, and work on improving your driving record in the current year. This would help you in negotiating a lower premium with the insurer when your auto insurance is due for renewal. 

Most auto insurance quotes are available with various types of discounts. For example, when you combine your auto insurance, health insurance, life insurance, and home insurance together, you would be eligible for discounts up to 15%. Similarly, insuring multiple cars would also get you discounts up to 10%. Some insurance companies offer 5% to 10% discounts for non-smokers. Next major factor in getting competitive auto insurance quotes is to purchase vehicles that are not costly and easy to maintain. Insurance companies would hike up the premiums for flashy, large cars and for old models. Further, the number of safety devices in your car plays an important role in the auto insurance quotes. If you have seat belts, anti-lock brakes, burglar alarm, air bags, anti-theft device, child protection devices, etc. installed in your car, your auto insurance quotes would come down significantly. One more option to lower the premium amount is to accept higher deductibles with the insurer. Larger deductibles are a big inducement in getting lower auto insurance quotes.