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How To Get Automobile Insurance Quotes


A lot of car owners are afraid to deal with hard selling insurance underwriters that they balk at the thought of calling insurance companies for automobile insurance quotes. Some underwriters can be very persistent that they end up calling you almost everyday. The whole thing can be downright annoying and many of us simply do not have time or patience to deal with such kinds of distractions. Since most of us do not like to deal with hard selling underwriters, we do not bother getting auto insurance quotes at all.

Regrettably, not getting the right information regarding our insurance policy can be just as bad as being badgered day and night by a persist insurance agent. You see, when we refuse to get relevant automobile insurance quotes and compare premium prices, we lose the opportunity to save money. Come to think of it, there are literally hundreds of auto insurance companies out there who are competing against each other. This kind of competition can drive the prices of premiums to its lowest level. If we take time to compare the prices of premiums, we may be able to save around 50% on the cost of our premiums. Yes, we can save that much if only we take time to compare prices and negotiate for better terms and conditions with our insurers.

Now, the question is how can we get the best automobile insurance quotes and make informed decisions without dealing with insurance agents? Using the internet is one of the best ways to dodge off agents. If you want to get car premium quotes, just send an email to the surety company. Yes, the company will probably give your email address to one of their agents, but if you do not provide your contact number and your home address to a company, aside from sending your emails, agents will have no other way of getting in touch with you. Technically, getting regular emails from an underwriter is not as bad as getting calls from him or her everyday.

Aside from getting automobile insurance quotes through the internet, you can also get information through brochures and handbills. Many car dealers display brochures and handbills of different insurance companies. Study these materials and compare the prices offered by different insurance companies. If you have some questions about the coverage offered by these companies, send them an email or call their toll free number. You do not have to provide the customer service officer your phone number and address when you call a toll free number so you are relatively safe in that area.