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Three Ways to Get the Auto Insurance You Want


When looking for the most suitable auto insurance, there are three ways you could use to get the information you want and need in purchasing auto insurance policies. The three methods are (1) through a nonexclusive agent, (2) through an exclusive agent, or (3) online.

The first method as stated earlier is to ask quotes from a local nonexclusive agent. Nonexclusive agents deal with several companies to tailor the best quote and policy for the shopper. This is especially helpful if you want to compare quotes from a number of companies, because what nonexclusive agents do is to provide quotes from various companies.

As opposed to the nonexclusive agent who gets quotes from different companies, the exclusive agent on the other hand is someone who works for a specific company. As such, an exclusive agent is someone who can give you extensive knowledge on a specific policy – which of course is from the company he works for. The shopper should remember, however, that speaking to an exclusive agent is that the agent can only provide quotes from other companies. This in turn might lead to less informed decisions and higher premiums because of the lack of other choices.

Talking to an exclusive agent, therefore is best for someone who is already very sure of getting a policy from a specific company. Also, for someone who wants to get into the nitty-gritty of the policy, talking to a local exclusive agent is a good option.

The advantages both of speaking to exclusive and non-exclusive agents is that the shopper is able to ask the agent anything, face-to-face. It is highly interactive, and therefore any misunderstandings or unclear parts of the policy could be easily pointed out.

The most popular and probably easiest method is to look for information online. This is the easiest, because there is a gazillion online insurance in the worldwide web. Insurance companies now maintain their own websites where a shopper could easily find out the information about the policies they offer. Purchasing policies online has also become a trend. There are also a number of websites offering quote comparisons, i.e. a shopper could see quotes from different companies in a single web page.

The advantage of this method is of course the convenience on the shopper’s part. The shopper could check the quotes instantly at anytime. The disadvantage is that the shopper cannot confirm or clarify details about the policy.

At the end of the day, it must always be remembered to check auto insurance quotes from reputable companies. Only trust insurance companies with good financial standing, good customer service, and fast service for processing of claims.