Riverside Auto Insurance in Pennsylvania

Knowing the basic provisions of Riverside auto insurance laws is a must for any driver residing in Riverside, Pennsylvania. Not knowing about them could lead to serious penalties for you. Here are some of the things you need to know and remember about Riverside car insurance laws.

Get Acquainted with Riverside Auto Insurance Laws in Pennsylvania

Do you know the basic provisions of car insurance laws in your state? Not knowing the basic provisions of your state's car insurance laws can have some grave consequences. In fact, a good number of motorists have lost their driving privileges because they did not know the basic requirements of insurance laws in Pennsylvania. If you do not want to end up like these drivers, you should get to know the laws that govern you. Below are some of important points that you need to remember about the insurance laws of Pennsylvania:

  1. All drivers in Pennsylvania are required under law to keep a copy of their valid auto insurance policy inside their vehicles. If law enforcement agents catch you driving without valid insurance coverage around Riverside, Pennsylvania, the state can suspend your driver's license and car registration for 3 months or more. Once your driving privileges are suspended or revoked by the state, your insurance company can also cancel your auto insurance coverage.
  2. The state of Pennsylvania allows two types of car insurance coverage namely, limited tort and full tort. Limited tort coverage carries with it lesser premium cost, but it also restricts the rights of a policy holder to recover damages in case of accidents. Car owners are only allowed to recover damages from injuries that are defined under law. In general, limited tort coverage allows a policy holder to seek recovery out of his own pockets which includes unpaid medical expenses connected to the accident. It does not permit recovery of damages for pain and suffering of the vehicle owner. On the other hand, full-tort coverage carries with it higher premium rates in exchange for full rights to sue the driver who is at-fault and demand for damages. If you want to retain your rights to sue without restrictions, you better buy full-tort coverage from your Riverside can insurance company.
  3. The State of Pennsylvania prescribes minimum automobile insurance coverage. All drivers need to maintain $15,000.00 minimum bodily injury coverage per person injured during an accident, and $5,000.00 minimum coverage for property damages liability. Most Riverside insurers offer packages that already cover the basic requirements of the law.
  4. Car insurers in Pennsylvania are not required by law to give a grace period to policy holders when it comes to premium payments. This means that if you fail to pay premiums on time, your Riverside auto insurance company has the right to cancel your policy.
  5. The laws of Pennsylvania give vehicle insurance companies the right to cancel your policy if you are convicted of drunk driving. Insurers also have the option not to renew your policy if you had two or more accidents within a span of 36 months.

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