Columbia Auto Insurance in Pennsylvania

Being a new driver in Columbia, Pennsylvania requires you to be familiar with Columbia auto insurance requirements. Knowing the basics will help you land yourself an affordable Columbia car insurance policy. Here are some of the things that you should remember.

Things to Remember when Purchasing Columbia Auto Insurance in Pennsylvania

If you are a new car owner residing in Columbia, PA or surrounding areas in Lancaster County, you should contact a local auto insurance agent to better understand the particular regulations, coverage, and benefits of auto insurance coverage or policies in Pennsylvania. The entire state of Pennsylvania requires all car or vehicle owners to purchase and maintain an auto insurance policy.

The state of Pennsylvania follows the No-Fault law. Under this No-Fault coverage, your auto insurance provider immediately pays compensation, regardless of which party was at fault in the event of an accident.

Like in most U.S. states, having liability coverage is important and necessary. This type of coverage protects the at-fault driver as well as anyone injured in an accident.

Pennsylvania auto insurance laws require the minimum amount of liability coverage to be at least $15,000 for each person per accident or $30,000 total if there is more than one injured person. It is advisable to increase this amount if your budget permits; this is to completely protect your personal assets. If you caused serious injury to a person and cost of the injury is above the coverage, that person can file claims against you for additional cost. It would also be a smart move on your part to purchase a liability insurance policy or coverage that covers property damage. This will shoulder any damages done to other people's property such as a house, a fence, or a vehicle.

Another requirement is First Party Benefits, also known as Personal Injury Protection or PIP coverage. The minimum amount for this policy is $5,000. This coverage will shoulder expenses such as your medical bills, surgical treatment, rehabilitative services, required medications and prosthetic devices, depending on the amount you purchased. It is also recommended to increase the amount of First Party Benefits coverage.

There are two types of policy options available in Pennsylvania: Limited Tort and Full Tort coverage.

Limited Tort coverage will pay for direct expenses as a result of an accident. Indirect expenses however, are not covered by this type of coverage or policy. Direct expenses include medical bills and loss of income, while indirect expenses include pain and suffering.

Having Full Tort coverage provides you and members of your household unrestricted rights to file a financial claim against the at-fault driver for both direct and indirect expenses in an accident. Premium rates are much higher for Full Tort coverage, but having this policy gives you a right to file a claim against the person at fault for any type of injury or damages brought on by an accident.

Before you decide to procure an auto insurance policy or coverage, contact your local provider to understand the requirements and benefits better.

Local auto insurance quotes in your area can help you compare car insurance quotes for auto insurance coverage in all of the following ZIP codes in Columbia


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