California Auto Insurance in Pennsylvania

California in Pennsylvania can have high cost auto insurance, especially if you are still a student. Still, this does not mean students cannot get low cost California auto insurance coverage at all. Here are some handy tips for students to keep in mind in that quest for affordable California car insurance.

How Students can Get Low Cost California Auto Insurance Coverage in Pennsylvania

Are you one of those financially challenged students who are looking for ways to minimize the cost of your California car insurance? Reducing the cost of your California car insurance coverage is not as difficult as you think. In fact, a lot of students who are studying at the California University of Pennsylvania enjoy low cost coverage these days. To reduce your auto insurance cost, here are some of the things that you can do:

  1. Hunt for low cost car insurance coverage on the internet. There are plenty of auto insurance firms that offer low cost coverage to students on the internet. The good thing about these companies is that they are willing to process your application within a very short period.
  2. Get only the minimum coverage of $15,000.00 for bodily injuries per person involved in the accident, $5,000.00 medical benefits to cover for your own medical bills and $5,000 coverage for property damage liability. Note that as a student, you do not really need to get high coverage especially if you only drive your car around the school campus. School campuses are generally safe places to drive so you are not really in great danger of road accidents.
  3. Drop your comprehensive coverage and collision coverage especially if the value of your car is less than 10 times the cost of your insurance premiums. There is not much point in paying extra money on optional coverage if you drive an old car. 
  4. Maintain an average grade of B. Most car insurance companies in California give as much as 15% discount on student car insurance premiums if you can prove to them that you are a B average student.
  5. Keep your driving records clean. California car insurance firms love drivers who have exemplary driving records. In fact, a lot of these companies are willing to give your big discounts if you can prove to them that you have not figured in any road accidents in the last 3 years.
  6. Keep your credit scores high. Most car insurers will use your credit scores as one of the basis in computing your car insurance premiums. As rule of thumb, the higher your credit scores, the lower premiums you will have to pay on your auto insurance. 
  7. Keep your mileage low and get huge discounts on your vehicle insurance premiums. Instead of driving around the campus, try walking or riding a bike. Not only will walking and biking help you save money on gas and insurance coverage, it can also help you stay fit and healthy.
  8. Take one of those government approved safety driving courses. Some auto insurance companies around California are willing to give you as much as 25% discount if you can present to them a certificate of completion of any government approved safety driving course.

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