Franklin Auto Insurance in Pennsylvania

Are you wondering how you can get full protection from your Franklin auto insurance policy? Simple! All you really need to know are the basic requirements when it comes to Franklin car insurance coverage and these tips will help you do just that!

Staying Fully Protected with Adequate Franklin Auto Insurance in Pennsylvania

The City of Franklin, Pennsylvania has a relatively young population. Majority of its residents are around the ages of 18-45 years old. With its relatively young crowd, the city often witnesses car accidents especially along its main thoroughfares. Although majority of these accidents do not involve serious injuries or fatalities, nevertheless, accidents can result to some expensive lawsuits. Given the high cost of road accident settlements these days, driving without proper insurance coverage can lead to potential financial debacle.

How much auto insurance do you need to stay fully protected while driving along the streets of Franklin? Car insurance laws of Pennsylvania requires all drivers to maintain minimum medical benefit of $5,000.00, bodily injury coverage of $15,000.00 per person injured during the accident, $30,000.00 maximum coverage for all injuries in one accident and $5,000.00 coverage for property damages liability. If you are a low mileage driver or if you drive an older car model, getting minimum coverage required under the law is enough. However, if you travel long distance, minimum coverage may not be enough to keep you fully protected. Being on the road for extensive periods drastically increase your accident risk level so you need to get higher coverage to stay fully protected.

Is there a need for you to get optional coverage or policy to stay fully protected while on the road? Many auto or vehicle insurance experts agree that it is important for long distance drivers to get comprehensive and collision coverage. The comprehensive coverage protects a vehicle against theft, vandalism, storm damages and the like while collision coverage pays for repairs on a vehicle in case of accidents. Moreover, if an accident leaves your car in total wreck, your collision coverage will pay the declared value of your car. The best part of it is that the laws of Pennsylvania do not require you to use the money paid by your insurance company to buy a new car. If you do not feel like getting a new car after the accident, you can just do whatever you want to do with your money.

What if you fail to pay car insurance premiums on time, can your insurers revoke your coverage immediately? Yes, an insurance company or provider can legally revoke coverage immediately when you fail to pay your insurance premiums on time.

Can you still legally drive your car even after your insurers cancelled your policy? No, you cannot drive your car anywhere in Pennsylvania without a valid car insurance certificate. If caught driving without insurance coverage, you could lose your driver's license and car registration so you better not take your vehicle out of the garage if you do not have any vehicle insurance coverage.

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