Pittsburgh Auto Insurance in Pennsylvania

Having a working knowledge of Pittsburgh auto insurance basics is the smartest move any Pittsburgh driver can make. By simply understanding the basic options in Pittsburgh car insurance, it would definitely become much easier finding the right insurance package for you.

The Relevance of Pittsburgh Auto Insurance Basics in Pennsylvania

All car and vehicle owners in the state of Pennsylvania are required by law to have an automobile insurance coverage or policy. If you own a motor vehicle and you reside in Pittsburgh, the second largest city in Pennsylvania, your chances of being involved in an auto collision or mishap is far greater than in smaller cities anywhere else in the state. Therefore, it is highly important for car owners in Pittsburgh to have a clear understanding of how auto insurance coverage affects an individual involved in a car accident. The coverage chosen by a policy holder depends upon his or her specific needs.

Auto insurance regulations in Pennsylvania are different from most states. You will have two options when you buy an auto insurance policy or coverage here: No-Fault System and Tort System.

The first option is called the No-Fault, or "Limited Tort" System. Under this system, each party agrees to shoulder their own expenses in an event of an accident, regardless of who is the cause of this accident or mishap. Choosing No-Fault decreases your right to file against the party at fault.

The second option is called the Tort System or "Full Tort" System. Under this system, a victim can file claims against the party at fault for direct expenses such as medical bills and loss of income as well as indirect expenses such as emotional distress.

In addition to the two options above, Pennsylvania car owners must carry a minimum auto insurance coverage or policy that includes liability and medical benefits. Liability minimums in the state of Pennsylvania are 15/30/5. Medical benefits coverage of at least $5000 is required from a policy holder to shoulder your medical expenses, regardless of which party is at fault in an accident.

If you just moved to Pittsburgh or if it is your first time to own a vehicle or automobile, it would be better to contact a local auto insurance agent before you obtain an auto insurance coverage or policy in the area. An agent will help you better understand the coverage and advantages of both the No-Fault and Tort systems. He can also help you decide which option would be most appropriate for your current situation.

Once you have decided on which coverage is best for you, you may also want to purchase additional coverage such as collision and comprehensive coverage. Under collision coverage, your auto insurance company will pay for your vehicle's damage when you hit, or it is hit by, another vehicle. Under comprehensive coverage, your provider will shoulder damages from extreme weather, flood, fire, theft or vandalism.

It is really critical to do some research before you decide to purchase the best auto insurance option for you.

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