Austin Auto Insurance in Pennsylvania

Austin in Pennsylvania can be quite stringent in terms of Austin auto insurance coverage. There are several aspects you need to know so that you can land for yourself affordable yet sufficient Austin car insurance coverage. Here are some of the things that you need to know now.

What You Need to Know about Austin Auto Insurance in Pennsylvania

Here is some essential information on automobile insurance coverage or policy in the state of Pennsylvania. There are 13 million people who live in Pennsylvania, and obviously, if a state has a lot of people, it means it also has a lot of car owners. The more car owners there are in a state, the higher the demand for car insurance.

The state of Pennsylvania is quite stringent when it comes to auto insurance coverage or policy. All motor vehicles registered in this State are required to be insured. If a driver is stopped and is unable to produce proof of auto insurance or coverage, he can be fined and his vehicle can be impounded. A lapse in auto insurance could have a driver's license suspended for up to 3 months or could lead to a vehicle's impoundment or confiscation.

There are two types of coverage available in Pennsylvania: Full Tort and Limited Tort. Full Tort coverage gives policy holders unrestricted rights to file claims against the negligent driver in an event of auto accident. Under the Full Tort system, a victim has the right to file for compensation for both direct expenses such as medical bills and income loss and indirect expenses such as pain and suffering. Limited Tort coverage is far less expensive than Full Torte. It is somehow similar, but the policy holder's rights are limited. He can file claims for compensation only for direct expenses. Indirect expenses are not covered under the Limited Tort system, unless there is serious injury or death.

Here is the minimum required coverage in the State of Pennsylvania:

Minimum required coverage for Medical Benefits is $5,000. This will shoulder medical bills for you and others covered on your insurance policy regardless of which party is at fault.

For Bodily Injury Liability, the minimum required coverage is at least $15,000 per injured person and $30,000 per accident. If you caused injury to someone in a car accident, this coverage or policy will pay for medical and rehabilitation expenses and any damages you caused.

For Property Damage Liability, the minimum required coverage is $5,000. If you caused damage to someone's property, this coverage will pay for it.

All auto insurance providers and firms in Pennsylvania are required to provide a 5% discount to drivers aged 55 and above who take State-sponsored driving courses to improve their driving skills. Drivers who are not able to find a provider willing to sell them regular auto insurance due to whatever reason can make an application to the Pennsylvania Assigned Risk Plan.

Before deciding to purchase any type of auto insurance policy in Pennsylvania, it would be wise to shop around for quotes from various local providers.

Local auto insurance quotes in your area can help you compare car insurance quotes for auto insurance coverage in all of the following ZIP codes in Austin


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