When Texting Can Kill – Car Accidents Due To Texting Shows Increasing Trends


01One common behavior people are dwelling in while driving is using the mobile phone whether texting or talking to someone.  This is a risky behavior that is mostly displayed by young drivers. According to Allstate Insurance Company, in California people who are frequently using their mobile phones while driving or even walking increased the cases of pedestrian being hit by cars.

The incidents of people being hit by cars in California was said to jump to 25 percent on Halloween as compared with the rest of October. This increase in the number of car-pedestrian collisions in the said place is reminding everyone to observe proper use of mobile phones.

Most states carry guiding laws about the use of cellular phones while behind the wheels. However some people still do these things with the thought that they cannot be caught. Again with the rising incidents related to phone use while driving we have to be responsible enough to follow state laws or just personal discipline.

Mobile phone use is a distraction when driving thus the probability of meeting an accident is higher. Now that the holiday season is nearing keeping in mind the trouble of being involved in a car-pedestrian accident must be the driving factor for everyone to delineate from any risky behavior while driving which includes texting and calling.

Auto insurance companies are working with risk assessment. They categorize their clients depending on several factors that could define them as risky drivers or not. Driving record is one important determinant that insurance companies are looking at to assess your performance in driving. Being involved in major car accidents would put your file on the high risks drivers. Also if you have several speeding tickets or records of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol you get to be labeled as risky. Using mobile phones while driving is also another behavior drivers’ must eliminate while behind the wheels. This risky behavior can ruin a driver’s driving records which will lead to higher auto insurance rate. In addition to this texting or calling while driving can cause accidents since mobile phone use distracts the driver’s concentration on the road. Being involved in an accident nowadays would literally cost a lot from property damages to medical and legal fees.

To avoid paying high premium rates and from shouldering any of the expenses needed to be settled when an accident occurred drivers just need to observe proper driving behavior while hitting the road.